What is VA?

“VA is a music video production group –a movement– that aims to convey a narrative, detach the taboo from connecting with ones emotions, and “wiping away the white noise” found in music videos and all visuals of today. We want to make music videos with substance– with style– with innovation. We want to make your music live and breath– to hear your music with your eyes” Chris Virgil

To Contact for Music Video Inquiries or Positions: visuallyaudible@gmail.com

Chris Virgil – Founder, Director – San Francisco/ Los Angeles

William Lennon – Assistant Director – St. Louis/ Los Angeles

James Brooke – Assistant Director/ Executive Producer – San Luis Obispo/ San Francisco

Anthony Bushong – Assistant Director/ Webmaster – San Francisco/Los Angeles

Cameron Tagge – Writer/ Publicist – Los Angeles

James Juri – Artist/ Illustrator – San Francisco

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